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NTP Events

First brazilian ticketing platform on blockchain

It goes far beyond a ticket. With the implementation of blockchain technology, marketing to the public is optimized, and the event organizer can generate more revenue.

A toolbox for event organizers

  • Complete management of the box office.
  • A marketplace for ticket resale and maximization of revenue with royalties
  • Digital tickets with virtual or physical collectible elements to maintain sentimental and gamifiable value.
  • Access-control validation via token ownership and biometric check
  • Post-event strategies to maintain fan engagement and foster direct, tokenized relationships.

Building unique experiences for the fans


By using Alchemy, we were able to query NFT data, make faster transactions and deliver a wallet experience to the end users.

Now, fans can purchase tickets, have a token-gated access to the event, and use the NFT to have access to communities and special experiences before, during and after the event.

Working with Justbuild

"We launched a revamped version of our platform in less than a month. From design to implementation, this team has done an incredible job with us." - Leandro Pontes • CEO

From idea to product, one lesson at a time.

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